About HoDD

About House of Digital Dreams

House of digital dreams has been established as an website design business.  Mainly focused on the WordPress platform, but will design and work with other Content Management Systems.

“Web designs that bring your visions to life through artistic beauty and elegance”

perfectly describes the companies philosophy, taken into account your requirements, your ideas and to portray your thoughts on a WordPress theme, that will become something artistically elegant and beautiful. The websites are responsive and optimized for tablets, smartphones and computers, SEO and social media integration. Built-in backup and security to protect your investment.

Website styles vary depending on your personal or business needs; we build websites for blogs, informational and e-Commerce. The content and graphics are provided by you. I layout and customize your website according to your needs.

Work is done in a timely manner by coordinating with you, even if you do not have any clear approach or direction, our finished product will be elegant and beautiful, from my own personal creative vision. I would like to ensure you the best quality, service and care.

Contact details are easily available on this website under the “Contact” section. You can also get insight into my work through our website content. Please feel free to contact House of dreams for a better web designing experience.

Free one hour consultation call. Email so I can set up a time.

About Ken Townshend


My name is Ken Townshend, my calling is Music, it has always been my passion. I love the arts with my heart and I’m in awe of creativity. My professional life was that of Engineering, specifically I got my degree in Computer Engineering from Drexel University.

I spent two years as a co-op engineer at Lockheed Martin, 7 years at L-3 Communications and so far 4 at Westinghouse Nuclear, however I was let go in October 2016. My 7 years at L-3 years I was a SME or subject matter expert in EDA Software Applications for FPGA/ASIC design, I was also in the EPI (Engineering Process Improvement Group), I have designed about 4 or 5 FPGA’s in Military Communications and an ASIC for extended algorithms, in military satellite applications.

That’s when I decided to take a chance with my life. I love technology, there is no doubt about that !!! My passion is even greater for creativity and the arts. I love photography, art and my personal calling is music, since I was 5 years old. So I decided to leave engineering to focus on Web Design, because it brings all my gifts together, I also love ideas like elegance and beauty in the technology sense of the word.

I enjoy working in my own environment and I love my clients. I enjoy making them the happiest people in the world, my work is to bring their vision to life. So I hope you will be my newest client, and allow me to create your new website. It would be an honor to make the most beautiful and artistic website for your personal and/or business needs. I will be easily reachable (through email or voice) so you know where in the process your website is as we go from content handoff to making your web home go live. I will take great care in providing the best design for you, that you will be proud of.

Thank You for reading, I pray that you have a beautiful and wonderful day!

Ken Townshend (Owner)



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